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This page contains the equipment i used

Tank: 180 gallon Allglass dual overflow.(72"x24"x24")


I used a metal halide-florencent combination- 3)400 watt, 14000k halides, with four 36" 420nm T-5 flourecents.

The lights are set up to run a photo period - The florencents come on in the morning first, the halide comes on an hour later. Then the halide goes off an hour earlier.

For filtration, I use a 4.5 to 5 inch sand bed on the bottom of the tank. Then there is a cannister filter with carbon in it. Also, I am running a sump with a protein skimmer, Euro style needle wheel type. The tank also has 350lbs. of live rock for biological filitration.

Sump consists of a 125 gallon Allglass aquarium. It is drilled for the return pump. The sump is run as a refugium, growing Caulerpa prolifera. The lights on the refugium stay on 24/7. It also holds my heater and return pumps. Return pump is an Iwaki 70.

I used aragonite for a substrate and put a half-inch layer of live sand down.

Via-aqua 300 watt titanium heater.

Every two weeks, I do a 20% water change using Reef Crystals synth. salt. I have recieved the best results from this, with a growth rate of about 1/4 of an inch, every 3 months on all of my acroporas, as well as 1/4 inch on my tridacnid clams.

The tank runs at a salinity of 1.023, ph of 8.3, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and ammonia are all 0. Calcium 420, alkalinity 3.5dkh, and magnesium 1250.

I dose about 30 gallons of Kalkwasser via a dosing pump over the course of two weeks.

Other animals in the tank

Full shot of the Tank

Purple rim Montipora

Awesome zoos

Group photo

Derasa clam

Marroon clown with anemone

Blue Acro. millepora

Purple Tang

Mandarin goby

Neon dottyback (pseudochromis aldebrensis)

Maxima clam

Gigas clam

Purple A. humillis

Pajama Cardinal

Acropora Millepora

Acropora sp.

Oulophyllia brain

Plate coral

From right side of tank

Green Sinularia

Hippopus clam

Purple Tip Acro from above

Tank in the wall

Pink Stylophora pistillata

Table acro

Purple Montipora digitata

Pink Zoos

Maxima clam

Acropora valida